Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Bees

Like the title? Little Miss is obsessed with all things "Bees" these days. If she sees anything that even resembles a bug she screams "A Bee" "A Bee".

We were true to title this week/weekend. It has been a hard end of the week in many ways, but I am trusting God's plan for our family. I know he was a plan that will knock our socks off, this is what I am trusting!

We had many fun fun times. I soaked in every minute with hubs and Little Miss. It was nice to have so much time off together.

I mean what is better than lunches with family and friends + shopping + parks + celebrating birthdays + little gym + cheerleading(story for another day) + more scrapbooking + more shopping(can I get a big AMEN!)--->Nothing!!! Not even skiing! Lunch3
Mine and Ava's favorite lunch date. shopping
Shopping at our favorite jewelry store! playground LittleGym DadBirthday
Happy Birthday to my Dad! We had a great dinner out celebrating with him. What a fun night!

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