Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Happy "Love" Day!

Oh how I love my peeps. What is better then celebrating the ones you love? It was a busy day and I was thankful to be with them both. (Secretly I was thinking about skiing this morning but as the day went on I was happy to be together.)
Valentines4 Valentines5
The day started with Ava's Valentine's Party at MDO. She had fun decorating her goodie bag and looking at all the gifts she got from her sweet friends. I have come to love her friends and their Mommy's. My girl is seriously like her mama in loving all things crafty. We could not give her stickers fast enough. She kept saying "prease". How can you resist this? Valentines2
After the party Mommy let Ava play on the indoor play ground for a while. This girl is a sliding fool. Let's just saying there was some kicking and screaming when it was time to leave. Mommy did not love this! valentines7
What a surprise when we got home! Flowers for us both. Ava's first dozen roses. I am glad her daddy is teaching her early! I want her hubs to spoil her in just the same sweet ways. There was a bouquet for Daddy too. His was a dozen candies. Of course Ava got a few other goodies from us both that she loved! Valentines1
Then off to dinner. Yummy crab cakes and shrimp. Valentines3
Love, Love, Love! What more can I say? I am so in love!

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