Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend of "Na-Na"

We had the best weekend. Ava and I headed to Brooke's to celebrate a baby shower for Noah James. We left on Friday and arrived in time to pick Nathan up from school. To say he was excited to see her is an understatement. We then headed to a local park for some fun.

(Note: all pictures were taken with the iphone because someone thought she was being really organized and plugged the battery in to charge only to run off and leave it. I felt naked all weekend without it. I was so mad at myself! Brooke was nice enough to find a camera shop but the battery was over $100 dollars! Argg....) photo-5 copy photo-4 photo-3
Ava had a blast feeding the ducks. Nathan was so excited to be able to teach her how. Then it was off to play at the park.
photo-2 photo-1
On Saturday we went and did what we do best, SHOP! We found Ava a bow to go with her Easter dress. What do you think? Laughing..... photo
Ava loves Na-Na's Choo-Choos. I give up! My girl is not going to like dolls or Barbie's. She loves boy toys(which brings great pleasure to her daddy! He thinks this is a sure sign she will love to hunt and fish. Can you say Camo bows?) At least she still looks like a princess doing it! photo-8
Ava's favorite toys right now:
1. Her remote control truck from Auntie Rosie and Danny
2. Ironman action figure from Aunt Lissa and Uncle Jimmy
3. Choo Choo Trains
Her birthday list mainly consists of boy toys. Cars and trains.

We had a great weekend. We are excited for Noah to get here, only 4 more short weeks. I did not get any pics of the shower. Can you say MAD! Argg...


  1. I am so sorry you forgot you camera. I HATE that! So glad Ava had fun! Looks like her and Nathan are two peas in a pod :)

  2. Looks like she is enjoying her time outside. Madison is into mostly boy toys too, in fact she threw the purse I gave her back at me the other night.



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