Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas....what a JOY!

Joy to the World, the Lord has come!

What a great few days we have had. I love this time of spending it with the ones you love. I feel that my life is so full and blessed. Maybe it is the hormones but I just felt teary many times about how Jesus blesses this family. It really was the perfect week and to think that we will be adding another precious blessing in 2 weeks! Yes, 2 weeks! Eek.

A few pictures, beacause really what is a post without them?
(Note: I was horrible about takng pictures this year. I am so disappointed with myself ;-) I will blame it on being tired. Yes, tired.)
Someone was ready for Santa. Daddy tired to tell her that he believed he liked coke better. Yep, I am pretty sure he does!
We loved our 25 days of Christmas. It really was a great way of teaching Ava the true meaning of Christmas. It really surprised me how much she picked up from the books. I look forward to this again next year for sure.
Wow, what a fun morning we had. It started about 5:30, HUBS was the one who could not wait. We had a few minutes of quiet together fixing breakfast which was so nice. He commented that he really liked being able to have conversation with someone at 5:30, please don't think this is normal my sweet hubby. When went in to wake the girl and the fun began. I think this is the most fun we have had in awhile. She loved her pink gun, wheel barrow and leap pad. She was hyper all day, it was a hoot to watch. Could it have been those M&M's and coke? Probably.
Then we had a nice Christmas lunch. We started a tradtion last year of having tamales. Yummy lunch. My dad tickled me, we caught him helping put lipstick on Ava. He informed me I needed to buy better because it had no color. Dad, that was the idea!

I pray you all experienced the JOY of the season. Be thankful for the greastest gift given, Jesus!

Come back as I am trying to catch up from a few other december highlights!

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  1. She is at such a fun age. Next year will be so much fun with 2 little ones running around.



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