Sunday, February 16, 2014

American Girl Birthday Party

We were so happy to have lunch at the American Girl store to celebrate Abbie's birthday.  These girls have been together for the last 3 years at school and now they share the same Sunday school class.  Ava is crazy about Abbie, and I would say the feeling is pretty mutual.

I loved how the girls started to use their forks to comb hair!  Wonder where they got that?!?!  Ariel, of course!

Sterling is a favorite also.  They have been with each other the last two years.  I so enjoyed getting to know these two moms better at the party.

I am hoping that Emma keeps her love of dolls!  This place was awesome!!! (I know if she does, I will regret wishing this I am sure!  But, it really is such a neat store!)

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