Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine Parties

Aren't Valentine parties fun?  I mean Pizza, cookies, candy bracelets, and even a heart pillow race!

So happy to spend the afternoon "lovin" it up!

The stomach virus has been through our house this week.  Everyone has had it but me(I am knocking on wood as I type!)  We even passed it to our Auntie(Sorry Auntie!)  Emma was not back to herself yet.  Bless her heart, even days after she was better she was still so crabby.  She was not feeling the 'love'!

So thankful daddy was there to help.  This was the first time that both girls had parties.
This year Ava had to have Frozen valentines! (I know, shocker!) That is the only music we listen to. (It's on at home, in the car, and on the go(tablet). I have "let it go" and just go with it! Ha Emma and I made crayons for her class with a love coloring sheet. With all the nasty cold weather and the horrible stomach virus I didn't get any Valentine pictures. Sigh....

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