Thursday, August 21, 2014

Behind.....I was doing so good too!

We have a slow end of summer. Many days at the pool, and a few fun adventures. We went to a new place called Little Beakers. What a fun place!! I mean, coke explosions, elephant toothpaste, fake snow, and microscopes?!?! It was such a blast that we have been back already! Warning, picture overload..... My little scientists(is this a word?ha)

It turned pink!!! Love Ava's face. This takes concentration!! Little builders... ! This was so cool for the kiddos!!

And now for the coke explosions.... It got Emma right in the face.
Now for Ava's...

And Lincoln's was the best...
Thankful for a fun day with some of our fav friends! (And, I know a few boys we just have to take...Hint, Hint Aunt Boon and Aunt Lissa!)

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