Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doctor Update

Really there is no news to report. She is still doing well. I even measured a little better this week, I am sure I will get another ultrasound next week! The doctor will cut the cerlage out in about 3 1/2 weeks...yikes. (I had one put in when I was already 40% effaced at 15 weeks to keep me from dilating since she was so low and there was so much pressure). He said I might go into labor right away, I guess we will see. That seems really soon, I still feel like I have so much to do, but we are all getting ready!

This is what we were up to this weekend:

My Mother-in-law, Susie, was here and I put her to work sewing. Have you ever seen such cute burp clothes? And look at those pillows! Jarred put the stroller together too! We are trying to get everything done. I have so much scrapbooking to get caught up on....I better get busy!


  1. I just LOVE it all... Ava Grace is a Lucky Little Baby Girl to have so much love and time given in her honor!!



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