Sunday, February 22, 2009

We Love You Captain James!!

As many of you know, our best friend was called back to Iraq in Janurary. We had a little going away dinner for him on Friday. Elissa took him to the airport today at noon. Things you can all pray for:
1. Please pray for James' safety
2. Please pray for James' happiness while being gone for a year. Pray that he will make great friends that help the time to pass as quickly as possible.
3. Please pray for Elissa's happiness, I can not imagine Jarred being gone for over a year. Pray that her time be occupied so the year will fly by.
4. Pray for peace for them both!
5. Pray for James to have great wisdom in all situations.
5. Pray for Kelly dog, she is really going to miss her dad! ;-)
6. Please pray again for James' safety.

We love these guys so much! They are the best friends that anyone could ask for and we hate to see them hurting about being apart for so long. But one thing is for sure, we are so proud of James. We can all sleep in peace knowing that people like James are fighting for us! Thanks for all your prayers for our dear friends! I will try to update on how he is doing throughout the year.

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