Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy "Love" Day!

Jarred surprised me and took me out to a nice dinner on Friday night. He did not want me up on my feet to long since I can only have about 2 hours up and he figured the lines might be bad tonight. He asked me Friday morning if I had a dress I could wear to dinner. I told him that I had the one that I wore to my shower and he said that would be perfect?!? He told me we had dinner reservations at 6:00....I was super excited! We ate at Americas and the food was AWESOME, it was so nice to get a great dinner out! Have I told you guys lately how lucky I am....I sure do love my hubby!I surprised Jarred with breakfast this morning. I hung hearts in the kitchen that told him the things I loved about him! Here were a few:
1. I love that you are so handy!
2. I love that you always make me days are never boring!
3. I love that you will be such a great dad (I know he will be by the way he treats Rozzy...He puts ice in his water bowl!)
4. I love that he always prays before we eat. I think I will never forget his prayer from this morning....He thanked God for both of his Valentines. I sure do love this man!
Jarred's breakfast was hearts and more hearts!Hope your day was romantic!

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  1. Happy Belated Valentines Day... How precious - You and Jared must always find time to do these special things for each other because it leaves no doubt as to the Love & Care you each need and receive from each other.

    I Love Y'all.
    Your Auntie Rosie



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