Monday, February 9, 2009

Shower of Blessings---Part 3

On Saturday, I had Showers of Blessings---Part 3. My 3 sweet friends hosted me a shower to help welcome baby Ava. They all did such a wonderful job. I was amazed at all the details. I am so blessed to have the best friends anyone could ask for!

The roses were made out of socks! And don't you just love that the water was in a ducky tub?
Of course, they got the cake from my favorite place---Randalls!

We played a fun game of "Guess that Baby Food". I can't believe Ava will have to eat some of these...yuck!

This is an outfit from Aunt Boon! We are taking this to the hospital, it is so soft and warm and even has a blanket to match. She also gave Ava her first camara so she can be just like her Mommy. Ava is going to love her Aunt Boon!

As many of you know, Jarred's best friend James got called back to Iraq in early Jan.
He has been out of the military for 2 years but they needed more officers. We were all very upset about it, but we know God works everything for our good. Please keep James in your prayers and his wife Elissa. We truly love them like family!
Uncle Jimmy bought a onesie for Ava that says "Don't mess with me, my uncle is a soldier"
She will wear this and wear it proud! We are all proud of you Uncle Jimmy and we thank you for serving our country....(but we can't wait for you to come back!)

My neighbor growing up (I always called her my second mom) made this awesome quilt. I wish you all could see it, it is fabulous and she even made a quilted basket liner to match. Her daughter, my friend Leslie gave her a basket of goodies and a beenie baby that she collected over the years.

Ava's first Bible...what an awesome gift!

I got so many gifts that I needed. I got my stroller, car seat, bottles, breast pump, baby monitor....I could go on and on, but I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I keep saying it, but we are BLESSED!!


  1. WOW!! so many Lovely treasures for AVA, what a blessing to have such loving friends.

    I LOVE the picture of you and Dianne trying to guess the ingredient of the baby food. Dianne has a look of confidence - experienced Mother, knows the answer even though they all look alike and almost smell the same too! Even though Angela is trying to enter into the fun she has a pure look of nothing more than YUCK!!. Angela, knowing you I bet you are already trying to figure out if you can blend your own baby food and forgo the YUCK stuff!! Laughing........

    It looks like that little belly is growing - any new stuff to tell us from todays doctor visit?

    I Love You,Jared and Gracie.. (I couldn't help myself - I think that is sweet)


  2. What a cute shower! I love the cake, roses and the duck!



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