Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I got sunshine on a cloudy day....

Ava has been smiling at me for over a week. She seemed to smile the most when I would sing to her. Her favorites are "Jesus loves me" and "My girl". I would tell Jarred and he would say she is not old enough yet, it is just gas. Well, he finally saw that she does smile because she started smiling at him when he would sing too! I love her smile, it truly makes my day!
I thought I would share the package I got today! Check out her cute new hair bows. I have the best bow lady if anyone needs some. Everyone thinks this is so funny(I have been getting made fun of!) because I will be getting a new bow each month...a bow-of-the-month club! Stop laughing!! My princess needs to accessorize! ;-)


  1. Hello Darlins... how wonderful and what a Fabulous Smile!! I hate to tell you but your bow attachment is inherited from your MOM. Dianne was the Queen of Hair Doodles & Bows - take a look at all of your childhood photo's if you need proof!! Laughing - I love it! The Great Auntie... Rosemary

  2. Cute smile! I LOVE the hairbows...a bow of the month club?...awesome!



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