Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Great Weekend

We went to visit Jarred's parents this weekend for Wayne's birthday. We had such a great time! It is always so good to see and spend time with his family. Andee and JD came up on Friday after Andee's doctor appointment so she could go to Canton. She found out what she was having and wanted to do a little shopping. It is going to be a GIRL---Aubree Michelle.

We went to show off Ava on Friday at Motor Trike. This is the company my father-in-law runs. They turn motorcycles into trikes. It is such a neat place and they all wanted to visit with Ava...we even interrupted a meeting! ;-) The Stallion Ava's onesie said "Pa-paw is my #1 Cowboy". We had to bring her first cowboy hat too!
Cooking with Ma-maw. She is teaching you early! Sleeping beauty....she loves to sleep in her Ma-maw and Pa-paw's bed. Lounging by the pool in her first swim suit! I can't wait until she is a little bigger and we can take her swimming! I hope she loves the water like her mommy!
Canton takes place every month the weekend before the first Monday. It is a huge place where vendors from all over bring goodies that you can buy. I always find some unique things to buy. Andee wanted to go look at baby stuff since she knew what she was having. My friend Amanda was there buying her bedding too! The cell phones do not work there so we did not get to meet up with her as planned!One of our many purchases. Andee's husband JD is in a band so she had a dress made that said "Im with the band....they ROCK"! It was so cute. We had a great time. We could have stayed longer, but it was so hot and duty called....had to pump and get back to feed little Miss Ava Grace! She found some bedding she liked too!Some of my purchases. I got a growth chart for Ava that matches her room perfectly! I got some cute outfits, necklaces, a leopard rug for the kitchen, some boxes to wrap cute gifts, and of course we got some bows! Can you ever have to many bows? What a great shopping trip!


  1. Love Love Love that little zebra A dress! So cute!!! I want some monogrammed shirts for Evan!

  2. How FUN!! I want to go. That looks so neat. All your goodies are too cute!

    BTW, tell your father-in-law he can send me one of those trikes anytime he gets ready! I don't think I could ride a motorcyle, but those look pretty fun :)

  3. You didn't tell me what Andee was having earlier! A Girl! How exciting! You called it lady. Looks like Ava will have a little built in best friend. :-)



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