Friday, May 1, 2009

The JOYS of motherhood

Jarred and I were giving Ava a bath tonight and it finally happened. Yes, that is pee all over me! Jarred thought this was so funny and ran and got the camera. I told him he could laugh now but it will happen to him eventually! Ha!


  1. Oh no! I have had that happen so many times. I've even been pooped on. It will happen to you one day too... thats the true joy of motherhood!! HA HA!

  2. OH goodness girl, that won't be the last time bodily fluids get all over you! haha. Just be thankful you have a girl, boys make a HUGE mess when they pee!

    I wanted to respond to the message you sent. I use a Canon Rebel XSi camera. It is great, but it took lots of practice. YouTube has great videos on teaching you how to take better pictures. It has helped a lot!

  3. Awesome. Yeah, I was really glad to move bathtime to the bathroom because my boys tinkled all over my kitchen during that sponge bath stage!

  4. HeHe! What a special moment:) I love your header pic by the way!



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