Thursday, May 1, 2014

Last Easter Post

I am finally getting to the last Easter post.....
Easter seemed to mean so much more for me this year.  Studing a chapter in Matthew a week has been so eye opening.  It's amazing the details you seem to miss or some that were never known.  I was amazed by the obedience and grace that led Jesus offering Himself up as the perfect, sinless sacrifice for us and of course his glorious resurrection.  BSF has given me a new love for "the most important" holiday.  Ava has learned so much over this year as well.  She has been preaching the gospel(she has a little hand motion story).  This has so warmed my heart.  I can see Jesus stirring in her heart and there is nothing I want more.

The bunny always leaves a trail so the girls know just where to find their baskets.

They were so pleased with the Bunny's selections.  (Go Mommy!)

Then it was off to worship our glorious savior!  He is RISEN!

                                    After church we had my family over for lunch.  Then it was an egg hunt for the kiddos.

I thank God for my family!  We are blessed.

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