Wednesday, May 7, 2014

March & April "Angagrams

'I realized that March never made it here.  Keeping up with the blog is work, but I know I will want to look back at our lives through the years.  My new years goal was to keep it up and so far I have done pretty well.

1-3.  Dentist appointments.  I was so dreading this.  Ava HATED her first visit and I have been putting it off.  We tried a new dentist(thanks Michelle) and the girls LOVED it!  Huge sigh of relief.  Happy to report no cavities.
4.  My cool "Rutie"
5.  Frozen sisters ready for bed
6.  Ava started back up her swim lessons.  She told us she no longer wanted to do dance, just swim!  This girl is just like me....we LOVE the water.
7.  Ava's collage wall finally happened!
8.  Date night
9.  Movie date....The girls loved Mr. Peabody
10.  Ava's graduation picture day.  How is this happening??
11.  Upward cheer season is under way
12.  Happy birthday to our best gal Elissa.  We sure do love her!  God has truely gifted me with the best friends.  One of my greatest treasures for sure.
13.  Happy St. Patty's Day
14.  Jarred put in our new patio.  It looks amazing.  But, everything he touches outside looks amazing.
15.  Frozen is finally out!
16.  Probably our 30th trip to Target!  We love that place.

1.  Emma always finds her way to Ava's bed.  I think I will just stop fighting it, one day this will pass.  I do pray that my girls keep this love for one another.
2.  First snow cone of the season
3.  Emma after the first snow cone (yikes! Oxiclean couldn't even fix this)
4.  Play date with Ava's best buds
5.  The Easter bunny came
6.  Easter picture
7-8.  Chick-fl-la Brown Bag concert with our favorite girls
9.  We love finding new books
10.  Ava started tumble.  Emma will have to start soon, she hates to leave.  They do movie on the mats and Emma LOVES to go.
11.  Target trip (surprise! surprise!)
12-13.  Doctor appointment for shots.  (I think my face says it all!)
14.  Ice cream after shots!  Hey, they deserved it.  They really did so much better than I thought they would.
15.  Lunch with Ava before Kindergarten registration.  This momma is not ready for this.  I try not to dwell on it, but I will miss our weekly fun dates.  I love having my kiddos at home.
There you have it, March & April "Angagrams"

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