Friday, May 2, 2014

Mutton Bustin:1.2 seconds of CUTE

1.2 seconds of cute! Yep, that's all he lasted! (Hey, this was good!! Many kiddos chickened out.) In that 1.2 seconds, I managed to get so many cute and kind of hilariously disturbing picutes, since it's essentially a series of young children falling on their heads(or hand in little Johns case). We sure had a cute cheer section cheering on our favorite little rider. And, here he goes. All 1.2 seconds. We were so proud. But he was so upset he didn't make it longer. He didn't know that a lot of the kiddos opted out! (Who could blame them! ha) This was such a sweet scene for me. If you have ever watched this event you know they tie up one sheep in the center of the arena. Once the ride is over all the other sheep congregate to the one lone sheep. This was such a sweet picture that sheep flock together but Jesus will go after that one sheep that goes away! Then if was off for some fair rides.

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