Monday, May 26, 2014

Mother's Day

It's still funny to me I get celebrated to be a mom.  I LOVE being a mom, it's my favorite job.  I love making memories with these precious girls.  I prayed for each one and I am so glad God heard and blessed me with these amazing girls.  And, he knew I needed to be a mom to princesses!  I love being a girl mom, making bows and necklaces, dressing up, nails, make-up, and even doing hair most days!  (It's funny that He knows just what we need!)
We started the day with church then Ava and I went to see our buds in Mulan Jr.  Ava loved the play.  (I was so glad to learn this about her because I love doing this myself!)

Then we had dinner with Mimi.  I was blessed with an amazing mom.  She gives and services better than anyone else.  After having kiddos my eyes were opened to all she sacrificed and never complained once.  I Love you Mom!

Emma and Ava,
Thanks for making me your Mom!  You help my world a much happier place!  I LOVE you both bigger than the sky!

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