Monday, September 1, 2014

My baby is headed to Kindergarten tomorrow!

Where did the time go?  I really remember the day I took her to our church preschool and thought to myself....thank God I have many more years until Kinder.  Well, time is up!  And this really makes me sad. It seems our care free days are over.  My Ava is cautious and a little shy so I know tomorrow will be hard for her as well.  We have really talked school up and today she seemed excited.

We got to meet her teacher who she really likes and this has also helped.

We packed her back pack tonight will all her fun new stuff and she asked, "Can I go to big girl school now??"

Ava will be in the dual language program and she is very excited to learn more Spanish.  She loved this at preschool last year!

She will have two teachers and I really like this!!

I prayed that she will meet many new friends and fit in fast!

I am not ready, but I know she is!!!

Outfit is laid out, backpack is ready!  Our little school girl was in bed by 8 and she had a special story tonight!!!

Kindergarten here we come!!!!!!!!!!

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