Monday, September 1, 2014

Gulf Shores---Day 4

Warning....this post has many many pictures!

We started our day at the zoo!  We can't say enough good things about the "Little Zoo that Could."
Every year there is an added treat.  This year we finally caught the tiger cubs!  This was AWESOME!!!! We loved every second.  The tigers were named after the Ninja Turtles, Leonardo and Raphael.

This little guy loved Ava!!

Emma was not old enough so we saved the Kangaroos for her.

Then it was on to the lemurs!  These guys are funny!!!  And, beware....they love necklaces and hats!

See, those hats are a problem.

This guy wanted to take a picture right back!

Really guys, this zoo is the best! Nap time didn't happen so we went back to the beach!!  I mean, why not?!?
Beach angels are a must!
We did another beach session for our buds and I had to snap a few more of the girls! It was a busy day, but oh so fun!

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