Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First day of Kinder

The day I have dreaded finally came @ 5:30am.  I got up and got myself ready and made breakfast.  It was a rush to get us all out the door by 7.  (Ya'll early mornings and I don't get along....this will be hard for me!)  It was a ZOO at the school and it all seemed like a blur.  Ava immediately started clinging to my leg.  Jarred and I shared many sad looks.  It was so hard to leave her, but I prayed she would have a great day!
(Since we were on vacation and didn't get to meet the teacher, I did not know she needed a snack....Mommy fail A.L.R.E.A.D.Y.  Didn't take long!)  Emma and I rushed home and ran it back up there!

I could not wait to pick up my sweet girl.  We were one of the first in line about 30 minutes early!  She spotted me right away and was waving away!

When she got in the car I was ready to hear all her stories.  Poor thing said she had fun but she would rather not go back.  My heart sank....my fear! 

She was beyond exhausted.  Poor thing hardly touched her dinner and laid out on the bench at the table.  Sweet girl was in bed by 7!!  I hope she gets much need rest tomorrow!  Thanking God that tomorrow is a new day with new blessings!

I know that she will learn to love school, I have heard her teacher is beyond awesome!!  (I just hope the love comes fast because this momma's heart hurts!)

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  1. I hope she continues to adjust. She looks adorable in her first day of school outfit.



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