Saturday, February 6, 2010

Busy, Busy Weekend

Where do these things called weekends disappear to? Is it really already time to return to work?

It was quite the weekend here. It was great, busy but still great! Saturday, Ava and I had a date with Lincoln and Amanda. Boy, was it eventful. Amanda got to our house at 10:30 and I was already tired and needing a nap! Did I mention that Ava and I slept until 8:45? It was crazy, I was rushing around to get us feed and dressed and when it was all compete Ava choked on a small leaf that was on the bathroom floor. Can you guess what happened next? Puke, Everywhere! All over me, all over her. When Amanda arrived she was already pretty frazzled too! It was kind of nice to see that I am not the only mom spiraling out of control at times. We made our way to eat and them headed to do a little shopping. We made quite the picture. All I can say is, NO Dull Moments between the two and one MAJOR blowout! How do people have twins?**Amanda was pushing her stroller behind me and made the comment, "Did you ever think we would be doing this?" "Pushing our Kids?"/"Being Mommies together?" It is neat to have a friend that you really have grown up with.

Sunday was also a busy one! Church, dinner for friends, then moving furniture again!

Tonight was my night to take dinner to the Parkers'. On their menu: tacos, rice and beans from pappasito's, and creamy jalapeno dip from Chuy's. (If you have never had this dip, go won't be disappointed!) As I turned down the street I was so happy and upset. You see, I was upset not to be turning into my old driveway. I miss my house. I miss my neighbors. You should see our yard, my pretty landscaping! It just does not look the same! As I turned from looking at my old house I spotted Ronel riding his brand new bike. Oh, how this made me happy! I wish you could all see the smile on his face. It was so bright. Debra asked me, "Did you ever think he would be sitting here, here in this house?" It sure is such a God thing. We had to move all our furniture again. Our ceiling is still not fixed. Grrrr.....
I sure hope this gets worked out fast. I am tired of moving furniture and having to be out of our house, it is hard to be out with Ava.

Now, on to some happy pictures of Ava and her daddy:We love to swing!


  1. the last picture looks like a perfect father/daughter moment!

  2. She is just so beautful! Love seeing her grow!



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