Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Perfect Ending. Welcome Home Ronel.

Have you ever been apart of a God Story? I have to say, God sure knows how to write one with a happy ending. Tonight at 7:45, I got to welcome home sweet Ronel. I think I will never forget the shy smile on his face as he descended the escalator. Nor will I forget the look on the Parkers' faces as they saw their sweet new addition. It has been years of tears and hard work, and tonight they will all sleep under the same roof. If these pictures don't prove God is in the "happy business", what does? Ronel, you are going to love your new family, I know I sure do!
Here they come! Look at the excitement on their faces. Priceless.
Pure Joy.Can't you just feel the love? I love how he is looking at his Mama.6 Parkers'
The Family is now COMPLETE!


  1. High-five Jesus!!!! It's a happy ending to a great beginning for Ronel. :)

  2. Tears! Amazing! Glad he's finally home:)

  3. Angela, your pictures are awesome! I love the ones that you got of Debra and the kids waiting and smiling huge, and then the ones of Ernest and Ronel coming down the escalator. Definitely a night I won't soon forget!



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