Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You've Got Mail

Here is the Valentines card that Ava sent out to her family and friends. This year I did not make them as I usually do. No time. I have been trying to simply life. I will let you know when it works.
I found these little beauties at Target for a dollar. I added a little bling and leave little "love" letters/goodies for my Valentines. I am sure Ava will appreciate her mailbox a little more next year. How are you showing love?


  1. I got these at target too! I havent left any little goodies yet?, but you just gave me a good idea to do so:)

    so far I have been stuck at home with the kids due to the snow here in VA so we have been baking a lot! and a lot of V-day arts and crafts.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful! I see that you are still keeping the "bow girl" busy making bows for her! I miss visiting with you! Keep in touch & thanks for the comments!



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