Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sick Kid

My sweet girl is sick. She woke up in the middle of the night and was burning up. Poor baby, she was in a puddle of sweat. I made her an appointment and by this afternoon her fever was over 103. Strep negative. Flu negative. We have to collect a urine sample in the morning so they can test to see if she has a bladder infection. Have any of you ever done this? Not fun. We could not get her to go in the doctors office.

Her fever broke a little tonight and she seemed to be feeling better. Jarred has a tradition that every time he is sick he wants a Popsicle. Not any Popsicle, only ones with cream in the middle. So tonight, a new tradition was started.

I think this is one tradition Ava will like!
I sure hope she feels better in the morning. I hate seeing her like this. She just wants her head on my shoulder. Not smiling. Not talking. Not playful. Poor baby, mama wants you to feel better soon.


  1. I hope that she feels better very soon & I like the popsicle tradition.

  2. I hope she feels better! We just went through all of that with our 4-yr old. He had RSV..which I think is a virus. But his fever was 102-103 and it was for a few days. It was horrible. Then I got it, which was also no fun.

  3. Poor kiddo! Hope she's feeling better now. It's the worst when your baby is sick and they can't tell you what's wrong.



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