Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Weekend

Ava has still been sick, we are not getting much sleep. I am beat. Thankfully last night she laid right down and went to sleep and stayed asleep all night! Praise God! I think we are on the road to recovery. We still don't know what was causing her high fever. The doctor took her blood but all came out normal. They are thinking it is probably a virus that will need to run its course.

Ava's Papaw and Mamie were here for the weekend because Papaw was doing a little of this:In case you are wondering, he was in a cutting competition. Papaw and Pappy will be back with us on Tuesday for more competing. Ava is loving all the attention. She is for sure a Papaw's Girl!On Saturday, Ava, Mamie, and I got a little shopping done for Ava's party. Mamie is working on her a table cloth and we got paper to make a birthday banner. I sure hope it all comes together.
We have found many cute things. Even some cute party favors for the guests!
Look what Jarred found for Ava. He has been looking for a hat that would fit her for many months. Well, he finally found one. Now we have TWINS! ;-)


  1. That is the cutest thing ever! Wyatt's PaPaw is a horseman too! My dad shows quarter horses. I swear we have so much in common! I'm glad she is starting to feel better.

  2. So I almost bought her a hat yesterday in Savannah, but they didn't have one small enough. It was so said "My first fishing hat".

    Glad I didn't now, looks like Daddy has it covered :)

  3. I hope Ava's on the upswing! It's so sad when the little ones are sick.

  4. I hope that Ava is feeling better & that you got some rest as well; it is so hard when little ones are sick!!!



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