Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ava has loved having her Mommy off for 5 days! We had the best time together. I dread going back to work, only 3 days then off to a scrapbooking convention. Oh my word, I am so excited! Thought we would share what we have been up to:
Wednesday-The Little Gym
Thursday-Library and swimming
Saturday-Mommy scrapbooked almost all day
Sunday-Lunch at Great Mammaw's house

What a fabulous week! I look forward to many more weeks like this. I love spending time with my girl!This girl sure loves to read. Thursday we love going to the library!This girl loves the scrapbook room. Yikes! What is not to like, there are thousands of little things to get into. This may be her new favorite room in the house. We tired to shut her out but she kept politely knocking. What mom can resist that? Not to mention you would see her hand go back and forth under the door! ;-)


  1. Cute pictures. Enjoy the scrapbooking convention, I am sure it will be so much fun.

  2. Hey....they got the shirts at the airport in Wisconsin. They are going back through...I could ask them to pick another one up. Just let me know the size. They would not mind a bit!
    Have a good Friday!



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