Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Question and Answer (From Ava)

Q: What is a girl to do when her parents, Aunt Lissa, and Uncle Jimmy won't read to me after many attempts? (I mean, they would not even make eye contact! I tried for probably 5 minutes!)

A: Bring the book to Kelly, she will read it to me!
P.S. Someone should really talk to my parents and tell them reading is good for a kid. Even if my Mommy has to read 10 Little Ladybugs 20 times in a day.


  1. Cute! My boys love to read books, too! They are always bringing me a book!! I can't wait till they can read to me!! Vanessa

  2. This really was SO cute! I think she really thought Kelly was gonna read it to her. Poor Doodle Bug...Aunt Lissa will read to you next time :)



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