Saturday, July 24, 2010

Visit to Mamie's

This was Ava's first visit to Mamie's without her Mama. Jarred took James to his parents for the weekend for hunting and fishing. The boys had a great time, and so did Ava! Ava had the best time playing with her Mamie and Papaw.
Jarred and James went to Motortike to take a tour and of course take a ride! I hear that Ava was a big hit. She wanted to sit on every motorcycle and push all the buttons. It was quite around the house. I got several things crossed off my to-do-list and got my scrapbook room cleaned up and all my new items put away. I missed my peeps. I was happy to see them both today. It was too quite and I am happy to have some noise back in my day. Hubs and sweet girl can sure make it! (I will remember I just typed this and laugh later! ha)


  1. It is nice to get a break and some quiet time, but I agree with you: it is wonderful when everyone is back home and things are normal again!!

  2. Looks like she had fun! Cute pictures :)



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