Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scrap it up!

Okay, for those of you that know me you know what I had the best time this weekend! I mean a whole weekend of nothing but scrapbooking? I was in heaven! And, I am now broke!

It started on Thursday night with a great Sketches class taught by Creating Keepsakes. We made about 8 really cute layouts! The best part is Elissa and I won a door prize! We were both surprised because we were just having a conversation that we never win anything when the teacher called out Elissa's name!On Friday, Susie joined us for a few classes and a day of shopping! Yikes, it was bad! I mean probably 50 scrapbook stores under one roof. To say the least, we are all 3 in trouble! I was a little afraid to come home! (I am only half kidding! ha)On Saturday we had a day of classes. I was thankful there was not much time to shop. We took some really great classes, my favorite being Wild About You(leopard...oh ya!)! We also learned some really neat techniques to make new flowers. If you have ever seen my scrapbooks, you know I love flowers!It was an awesome weekend! I am so thankful to have family and friends who share my hobby! I love documenting this wonderful life that God has truly blessed me with.

Side note: I am happy to report I am now caught up to when Ava was 6 months old. I am making progress. Elissa, we need to plan another day. Or, maybe we should go on that scrapbook cruise they were talking about? Now, that would be a vacation!!!

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  1. I had a fantastic time this weekend to! Now we just need to figure out a day to put all these great layouts to use. Then maybe we will finally get caught up!



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