Saturday, January 3, 2009

27 Weeks and counting....

I thought I would share some pictures of our family at 27 weeks! I have gained about 12 pounds and my belly seems to be getting bigger everyday. Everything is going good, I am still on bed rest but Ava has moved up a little alleviating some of the pressure on my cervix. The doctor originally set the goal of 28 weeks and I am so relieved to only have less than a week to go. I am praying that I can at least make it to 34 weeks. I had a series of steriod shots this week to help mature her lungs. After the second shot I did not sleep for 24 hours but I am feeling better now! Keep us in your prayers....she needs to stay in the oven and cook for a while longer!

Here is the picture of Ava Grace at about 26 weeks.
Jarred says she looks like him!
She weighs about 2 "grow" girl!
We get a big kick out of seeing her.
She has big feet like her Daddy and her Aunt Brooke!


  1. I like the looks of those feet! Aunt Boon can't wait to meet little Ava!

  2. How wonderful to witness another generation in full bloom. Our God is an Awesome God. I Love You All - Auntie Rosemary & Danny

  3. How many weeks are you now? When is your baby shower? These are things a Sister needs to know!! hahahaha

  4. My shower is Feb 7th...invitation is coming. Ha
    It is going to be at Elissa's house!

  5. You are the cutest pregnant mom, ever!



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