Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update from doctors appointment on Tues....

Sorry I did not update sooner about my visit. Everything still seems to be going well, please continue to pray that Ava will hang out with her mommy for a while longer. My tummy does not measure where it should be so I had another ultrasound. Ava is great, there is plenty of fluid and she weighs right at 3 pounds...You "GROW" girl! (That is her new motto..ha!)
I love getting to take a look at her, those are always my favorite visits! We all think she looks like me, but Jarred really wants her to look like him. I guess we will see. I got the ultrasound tech to measure her little feet, they already measure 2 1/2 inches. Do you think she will even be able to wear newborn shoes? (I can't wait to kiss those big feet!)

Look at those lips....they scream kiss me! Please continue to pray that she stays put!

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  1. How adorable!! What are you measuring now? We are praying for you.



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