Tuesday, August 31, 2010

17 Months

17 months is the best age. (I know I kept saying that!) We are having a blast. So many happy memories are being made. Her favorite time during the week is when we are at The Little Gym or swimming. She keeps me busy but I am loving every minute of it.

She is starting to let us know when she does not want to do something. She has a scream that will pierce your ears. Oh My Word!

She may look like daddy, but she eats like her mommy! She loves all my favorite fruits and vegetables. She loves my cooking the best. I feel so blessed! ha I am really glad she does but it puts more pressure on me to cook for her. Lately our weekends have been more low key so I cook 5 or so meals and freeze half. I now have over 10 meals and veggies in the freezer! Can I get an Amen! Eat your heart out little girl~

She is talking more everyday. Yesterday she said air plane and she tries to say her colors. Just don't try to get her to repeat because she has a mind of her own. She knows all her body parts for the most part and even tries to point out others belly buttons at the pool. Not our finest moment!

Your loves right now are~
1. Books
2. Elmo (I don't blame you he is just so cute!)
3. Walks in your car
4. Swimming!
5. The Little Gym!
6. Your ladybug pillow pal
7. Mommy's jewelry
(I can glad Santa is bringing your own! Mine seem to keep getting broke!)
8. Mommy's makeup
9. Yogurt melts
10. Strawberries
11. Cherries
12. Cheetoes

Mommy loves everything about you! My most favorite is when you run up from behind and give me the biggest hugs. And of course those kisses I don't even have to ask for. You are so amazing, such a blessing! Happy 17 months sweet girl!


  1. You are right! These months are the best! They are the cutest when they learn to walk and talk and discover new things! I really miss having a little one in the house (not that Riley is a big boy), I guess it's time to have another one! But not so much for my Husband! Ha!

  2. Absolutely precious... you are a wonderful mommy.

  3. She is growing so fast. I can hardly believe it!

    I love that little skirt by the way! So cute!



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