Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Destination Gulf Shores.

Interesting facts from the road.

A seven hour drive feels more like 14 with hubs singing in his high pitched voice to 80s songs.

If you don’t have a light for your Kindle, a hunting headlamp works great. Yes people passing that was me. I know I looked crazy but it worked. (I will add a light to my Christmas list!)

There is a Frost, LA (Yes, Brooke there really is!)

I only saw one Hobby Lobby on our road trip. (Yikes! What is a scrapbooker to do?) I did at least count 9 Targets.

There was a state park called Tickfew. Who would stay there?

We passed 4 state lines.

Our first family road trip-success!


  1. Glad it was fun! These trips always make wonderful memories!! I can't wait to see more pics!!

    Do you like your Kindle?? I was put on the waiting list when I ordered mine, last week. I am hoping to get it soon! I like the fact you can get on Amazon and order a book, pronto!!

  2. Ahh, we will be there in a few weeks! I'm so excited. Glad everything went well. LOVE the new blog!!!



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