Saturday, August 21, 2010

Waterpark, beach, and pool

As you can see this vacation was all about the water. It is what we love. (Well, me and Ava!)

We went to the waterpark because they had a huge play are for kiddos. Let's just say it did not plan out the way we wanted. After about 45 minutes of playing one of the lifeguards approached and told us only one at a time on the slides. What!?! She is not big enough to go down by herself. Money back and one girl not ready to leave.

She was not upset for long. How could she be when it was time for the beach. This girl was in love with the waves. Not really the sand. She kept wanting us to brush it from her hands. Sorry Ava, it was a little impossible.

Can you really call it a fun day at the beach if daddy does not bury you? Nah...

Time for some fun for the dads!

Aubree did not want to be her feet in. The pool is more her style!
Then it was pool time.

Someone was not ready to get out. This picture cracks me up! What a funny girl!


  1. Looks like fun! There is just something fun about water when you are a kid!!! I do love watching her grow up! (sorry Mom)

  2. I enrolled both boys in a 2 day a week class at one of our local churches. Riley is still there. My personal opinion is: it's a good idea. The kiddos get to learn how to be away from Mommy...and Mommy too. It gets them into a setting with other kids which is a great tool for later...interaction. It also gets them ready for school, with the routine. I have not had one bad experience and Riley loves it! Ethan loved it too...but now of course he is in K. Hope this helps. You can always e-mail me: or Facebook: Vanessa Valites Unsell if you have more questions!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the last picture! Priceless!



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