Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day ?-- I am losing track

I think this was day 4. I can't seem to remember. I know, pathetic huh? This day the boys played golf in the morning at Kiva Dunes. Jarred played here once before and loved the course, he was excited to be going back. From what I hear it was an interesting morning for them, but they had a great time. We meet them for lunch and then we had a wonderful day of outlet mall shopping. It was an awesome outlet mall, probably double to triple of our size at home. We found some great deals. It is funny that we mainly shop for the girls now. How can you not with all the cute clothes they have? I did get a dress at Ann Taylor that I think I am going to save to wear on my birthday. If you could see it you would know it screams me. Hint: Animal print and a hint of red. I love this picture. All I can say is that Ava and Aubree and lucky to have such great daddies! It really takes a special man to be a great father to girls and I am so thankful that these guys are the best.


  1. outlet mall shopping...that is a lot of fun : ). but the best is hobby lobby shopping...

  2. Those Daddies sure love their girls. So sweet!



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