Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Highlights from Day 2

Andee, JD, and Aubree came to stay with us for a few days and we had the best time! It is so great to have friends that are more like family.

The girls had so much fun getting ready on our first morning together. I hope they are always friends and like to hang out together. It makes for happy parent time. Do you think these girls are going to be girly? Nah....

That night we went to a neat restaurant called the Hangout. That is really what is was. Such a great place just to hangout and get some yummy food. They had a huge sand hill that the kids could run up and down, water troughs, and a bubble machine. The kids loved the bubble machine. I thought it was going to make little bubbles but it was more like a giant bubble bath on the ground. You have to admit that this is pretty neat!?!

We really were so glad that The Kesners' spent a few days with us. We are really lucky to have such wonderful friends. Thankful for sure! I loved feeling like I lived with my old room mate again. It is funny how much you can miss someone.

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  1. That place look sooooo cool!! The boys would love that place. I might have to get some info from you, this could be a potential future vacay spot!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!



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