Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day...WARNING: Picture Overload

Christmas morning with "littles" is so much fun!  I dread this part of them growing up, but I am sure Christmas with "bigs" will have it's own little magic(fingers crossed!)

The special request from Santa was a doll house (from both girls), a yellow "shoot" gun (from Emma), and a hunting backpack with a knife (from Ava).  Disclamier:  all these are used at the deer lease with strict rules/help!haha)

We had such a fun morning!  Paper was flying off boxes and giggles all around! (Especially from big kid....daddy!)  He was so happy with his new bag!

I got pretty lucky too!

I had a crazy mom moment and bought a karaoke machine.  What the heck was I thinking?!?!?
They gave us a "contest" all morning!

Papa John and Ash came for lunch!  And of course Papa John got in on the "contest".

And then more gifts.....

And more hunting stuff from daddy....

Isn't she cute?!?

This may have been the fav gift!!! (Emma, we need to talk girl!)

Ava had picked out Emma a gift from the store at her school.  We gave her 20 dollars to buy a gift, she came home with one gift for Emma and 18.50 in change!  Really?!?!?  It was a butterfly pen in the little sack.  So sweet!

It was a perfect day!!  I love my family, they are my most precious gift!  So thankful for the memories made!!  Blessed, Blessed indeed!

And this one stole my heart!

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