Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Polar Express

We took the kiddos to Polar Express this year.  It was a long drive but completely worth it!  The kiddos LOVED it.  It was such a neat experience!
Of course we had a mini photo shoot before we boarded.

The girls were so happy that Mamie joined us.  I think Emma talked her head off the entire ride.

They brought all of us cookies and hot chocolate.  Emma was so happy about this!!  (The only time she stopped talking was when she was eating or drinking!)

The train ride stopped at the North Pole and Santa got on.  (On the way home, Ava informed Mamie that she thought we were going to the real North Pole! haha)

Think these two will get married??

Both girls got their bells. 

And he signed our book!

The trip was really like the book.  It had such special details!  I think it may just be a must next year!

We are so enjoying this time of year!  (But this momma is exhausted!)

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