Friday, December 19, 2014

More parties.....

Ava's Christmas Party + Tea Party + Painting Party = Fun Friday

First party was Ava's Christmas party.  I was asked to help in her class and I loved being in her class all morning!  It was fun to meet her friends and a few moms.  Ava is in a great class with wonderful teachers!
These girls sit by each other everyday and they found out today that they share the same birthday!  They just giggled and giggled!  
We love Mrs. Papa!  And she told me today she may move up with them to first grade!!!  Fingers crossed!
I am so excited to be throwing out our schedule for the next two weeks!  Can't wait to catch up playing with my sweet girl!  I know we have some late nights in our schedule doing our fav things.  This is one part of school that I have hated.  She is still exhausted at the end of the day which always calls for early bed time. 
Up next was the tea party!  And, what in the heck was I thinking?!?  Glitter ornaments!!!  We are still cleaning up glitter!  Really!  The girls LOVED their new glitter Frozen ornaments, so it was worth it!  (Okay, maybe not!)
And the last party was the painting party!  I am so thankful for these wonderful friends.  We had time to catch up and most of all, Laugh!  (And, I was pretty proud of my painting!)

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  1. Looks like lots of fun parties. I love what you made at the painting party.



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