Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More fun!!!

Breakfast with Santa started off our Christmas week! The girls LOVE the aquarium so I knew this
 would be a huge hit!

Santa was in the aquarium. haha! The girls hardly ate their breakfast as there was just too much to see! (Mimi had to get up several times!)
Then the girls got to play with the sting rays. Ava was thrilled.                                                         Emma not so much!
And of course we finally got to see Santa. The girls were thrilled they finally got to see Mrs. Claus.
                                          Now more aquarium time....
Tonight was our baking day! It was a nightmare wonderful with two kiddos helping! We made our cookies for Santa, daddy's favorites, and cake balls! Ya'll, every year I say never again! But next year I just may not. They may be good but it's not worth it. If you come to visit and I give you one, you are special! haha Thank God for dust busters! There were sprinkles EVEYWHERE! Then we loaded up to go look at Christmas lights! There were several AMAZING houses! One being the Frozen theme and the other train theme! At the train house you could actually get out of your car and play with model trains and then even go for a ride! And it snowed!!!!!

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